Forest, as the fifth element, which is under the threat of complete extinction. The problem that affects everyone! Our water, our land, and our air would soon be left without the main natural filter - trees. Ukrainian green treasure needs support right now.

 Over the past 50 years, humanity has destroyed more than 50% of all forests. Illegal logging, poaching and people who want to make money on the export of wood - all this has a noticeable negative impact upon the environment.

The problem is that cutting down trees significantly increases the risk of floods, and consequently the soil quality and fertility are deteriorating. The slopes lose their ability to retain moisture, as a result precipitation flows freely into rivers, causing them to overflow and spill. Because of such floods, Western Ukrainian villages, bridges and roads are washed away, the climate is changing, various species of animals and plants are losing their place of residence, most of which cannot exist in such conditions.  And there is also a greater risk of global warming, because trees absorb less and less greenhouse gases that enter the atmosphere.

Experts warn that if society's attitude towards forests does not change, then in a few decades they can become a real rarity.

Every year, Ukrainians cut down about 13 million hectares of forest. Certainly, the needs of humanity in wood must be fully satisfied, but it should be remembered that using forest resources, we simply have to fill these gaps with a sufficient number of young trees, which would be identical to old plantations.

A person of the 21st century must be responsible for his actions and remember that the healthy future of our nation depends only on us.

Planting a young tree, you will save not only yourself, but also your family members, because one tree provides oxygen for as many as three people.

Planting a tree is pretty easy. For this, only water, fertilizers and the seedling itself are needed, the total cost of which every Ukrainian can afford. When buying a tree with a closed root system, you cannot wait for spring or autumn, but go to save nature right now.

Currently, deforestation has become a modern plague that has irreversible consequences for the population of the entire planet. The forest is our soul and the common “Tomorrow” will directly depend on our “Today” with you! Therefore, no matter where you live, what language you speak, what kind of work you do - if each person plants at least one tree - this will help stop a global tragedy

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