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ELELI (Lilia Anatolyevna Galushko) was born on December 2, 1996 in the town of Starokonstantinov, Khmelnitsky region.

In 2003, the future singer was enrolled to the first grade of the Starokonstantinovskaya school of secondary school I-III levels No. 3.

Meanwhile, the older brother took care of the gifted schoolgirl`s education. He launched her studies at the city music school in the specialties: “vocal”, “violin” and “piano”, which she graduated with honors.

For the next seven school years, a diligent student was engaged in ballroom dancing and calisthenics. Due to the choreography contests, Lilia traveled to all parts of Ukraine, where she constantly won prizes.

Having the boundaries of her performances expanded, she began to travel from Starokonstantinov to Khmelnitsky, where she attended ballroom dancing classes as well as vocal practice.

In addition to music and choreography, a versatile girl paid great attention to sports being a member of the school and the city volleyball and basketball teams for five years

In 2014, having received the coveted gold medal, Lilia began getting prepared to enter the Faculty of Law, but her creative nature prevailed and the girl finally chose the Department of TV Journalism and Acting at the KNUKiI. MM. Poplavsky.

As a result of her high academic achievements, from the very first year at the university the talented student was invited to become the host of the university media project “ІКіTB - I love you”. With that project Lilia participated in the key media events of the country: “Person of the Year”, film festivals “Molodist”, “Light "and many others.

The girl also started working as a journalist for TV Channel 33, where she subsequently obtained the position of host of the comedy show “Little Gadget”.

During the breaks between work and study, Lilia actively began participating in castings. Therefore, the famous choreographer Amador Lopez pointed her out and invited to his ballet show "Rumbero's". As a result Lilia plunged into the whirlpool of show business.

Because of her persistence, Lilia Galushko started participating in video clips shootings, commercials, films and TV serials, including the reality show "Kyiv Day and Night" (STB TV channel) and the TV project "Supermodel in Ukrainian" (New Channel TV channel) and many others.

A beautiful spectacular girl was also noticed by the organizing committees of beauty contests, who vying with each other invited her to take part in castings.

So the beauty gets her first victory at the International Beauty Contest "Miss Sharm El Sheikh: Egypt 2016", and then the title of First Vice-Miss of the All-Ukrainian Beauty Contest "Miss Blonde of Ukraine 2016".

In 2016, Lilia received a contract included the concert tour along the Cote d'Azur of Cannes, Monaco and Saint-Tropez, as a part of a ballet show of top world artists, including Timati, Akon, Rick Ross and Designer.

Subsequently, Lilia received a contract from a modeling agency, which invited her to work in Paris.

Upon returning back to Ukraine, the girl began her studies and started to attend the vocal academy of Alexander Ponomarev, where she studied pop vocals.

In 2017, Lilia Galushko became part of the GuGa Entertainment Group team, which is currently engaged in her creative activities.

In the same year, Lilia got into the semi-finals of the All-Ukrainian competition "Queen of Ukraine 2017".

Soon she was invited to become a soloist of the Domino duet and the host of the "Gossip Chronicles" program on Tonis TV channel.

Together with the project team, Lilia attended the largest and most high-profile events in the country, including the National Program "Person of the Year 2017", the award ceremony "VIVA - the most beautiful 2017", "Woman of the Year 2017", music awards "M1 Music Awards" and "YUNA 2017", as well as "Ukrainian Fashion Week", "Mercedes - Benz Fashion Days", "Odessa International Film Festival 2017" and the song contest "Eurovision - 2017".

Meantime, Lilia becomes the vice-winner of the All-Ukrainian beauty and talent contest "Queen of Ukraine 2017", where she wins the "Model of the World" nomination, which gives the right to represent Ukraine at the International Beauty Contest "Miss Model of the World 2017" in China.

At the end of 2017, a talented Ukrainian went to Shenzhen, where she got the Grand Prix of the International Beauty Contest and became the first among seventy representatives from all over the world.

Over the past 10 years, this was the first victory for Ukraine in such a prestigious competition.

In addition to the main crown, Lilia Galushko received the title of "Miss Model of Best Body / Figure-2017" getting into the top five in the nomination "Miss Model of the Best Talents-2017".

Having received the honorary title of the most beautiful model in the world and an annual contract with the opportunity to collaborate with global brands in China, Dubai and America, Lilia kept doing her favorite thing taking part in beauty contests as an honorary member of the jury.

She was judging the beauty contest "Miss Bulgaria - Velingrad 2017", the children's contest "World Fashion Kids", the International contest "World Rising Star 2018" in Georgia, where Lilia was nominated the title of "Best International Jury", and many others.

At the beginning of 2018, Lilia Galushko decides to start a solo career as a singer and on January 19 officially announces the launch of a new vocal project called "ELELI".

In March of the same year, the singer, model and TV presenter was included in the list of "Top 100 Successful Women of Ukraine" according to the "Ukrainian People" magazine.

At the end of April, singer ELELI began work on a new sports project, which the public would know about in the near future.

Now the singer is preparing to record her debut album and shoot the first video for the song "Fight until the end".



Winner of the International beauty contest "Miss Model of the World 2017"

Winner of the title "Miss Model of Best Body / Figure-2017"

Queen of Ukraine in the nomination "Model of the World - 2017"

Winner of the International Beauty Contest "Miss Sharm El Sheikh: Egypt 2016"


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