On January 19, on the birthday of ELELI project, the singer is going to present her new song #success from her debut album #respect_yourself :

"Whatever happens in your life - it all depends on you. Success is not the point of destination; success is a road and a constant movement towards it. Success is the ability to move from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm, because only persistent achieve finals, after which they set even higher goals, because all is possible for a person who has a dream!"

“Fight until the end” is a song that was written specifically for the International Mixed Martial Arts Tournament - WWFC 14. In 2019, WWFC 14 was held at the Sports Palace for the first time. Singer ELELI was inspired by the idea of this tournament and created the track “Fight until the end” , which is the first from the artist's debut album "Respect Yourself".

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With her first work, the singer expresses great respect to all athletes and people who know how to overcome their fears!

ELELI is Lilia Galushko. The country learned about her after the program "Gossip Chronicles", where Lilia, as a host, managed to highlight the most significant events in our country.


ELELI не имеет вредных привычек, отдает предпочтение натуральной красоте и занимается спортом, о чем свидетельствует ее активное участие в различных спортивных проектах. ELELI – это ежедневная работа, контроль эмоций, сосредоточенность на результат, огромная вера в людей и настоящее продолжение всего лучшего.

ELELI – это Лилия Галушко!

The country discovered Lilia Galushko after the “Gossip Chronicles” program, where Lilia, as a host, managed to highlight the most significant events in our country, such as Eurovision 2017, “Person of the Year”, “VIVA - the most beautiful”, “Woman of the Year”, “ M1 Music Awards”, “YUNA”, “Ukrainian Fashion Week”, “Mercedes – Benz Fashion Days”, “Odessa International Film Festival” and many others.

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You cannot give up if you have a dream to chase!
Even if you don’t succeed, you must do your best to finally meet Your dream!

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