ELELI: "Fight until the end" at the international tournament in the Sports Palace

“Fight until the end” is the debut work of the singer ELELI, written specifically in honor of the first international tournament in mixed martial arts in 2019 - WWFC 14, which took place on March 2, 2019 in Kyiv, at the Sports Palace.

 This was the first track from the singer's debut album "Respect Yourself". The ELELI project was created on January 19, 2018 by the team of the GUGA Entertainment Group.

The singer had been preparing for the premiere for a long time, day after day, overcoming countless obstacles and difficulties. Surprisingly, the song was exactly about such people! ELELI has no bad habits, prefers natural beauty and goes in for sports, taking her active participation in various sports projects.

ELELI is daily work, control of emotions, focus on results, great faith in people and a true continuation of all the best.

ELELI is Lilia Galushko. She became known for the whole country after the "Gossip Chronicles" program, where Lilia, as a host, managed to highlight the most significant events in our country, such as Eurovision 2017, Person of the Year, VIVA - the most beautiful, M1 Music Awards, "Odessa International Film Festival" and many others.

In 2017, Lilia was awarded with the title of "Miss Model of the World 2017", becoming the first among 70 representatives from all over the world and having the opportunity to collaborate with global brands in China, Dubai and America. She has collaborated with modeling agencies around the world, participation in popular television shows, collaboration with famous show business stars, including Akon, Rick Ross, Designer, Timati and many others.

It happens rather often, when a person faces some nonstandard situations, he or she either loses interest in his goal, or gives it up, taking everything as a personal failure. In fact, for all people the secret of success is the same - Fight until the end! With her first work, the singer expresses great respect to all athletes and people who know how to overcome their fears!

"Fight until the end" at the international tournament at the Sports Palace Words: Alexandra Pustyreva Music: Roman Pustyrev Sound Production: Jarramusic

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