ELELI performed her first track from her debut album at the Sports Palace

“Fight until the end” is a song that was written specifically for the International Mixed Martial Arts Tournament - WWFC 14. In 2019, WWFC 14 was held at the Sports Palace for the first time. Singer ELELI was inspired by the idea of this tournament and created the track “Fight until the end” , which is the first from the artist's debut album "Respect Yourself".

 The soloist ELELI - Lilia Galushko used to overcome numerous obstacles not once. She worked with all her might, and rehearsed beyond the limits. She achieved her goal on January 19, 2018, ELELI created a project together with the team of GUGA Entertainment Group, for which she had been preparing for 7 years. The first single became very symbolic and was perfect for international competitions.


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You cannot give up if you have a dream to chase!
Even if you don’t succeed, you must do your best to finally meet Your dream!

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