Singer ELELI presents her new song #Lets_Go

“Scientists have proven that walking produces serotonin and endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones. Therefore, "stand up and let's go!" to meet your happiness!

To maintain good physical shape, athletic body and further improvement, a person must take 10,000 steps daily.

 It concerns our dreams as well - with every step you overcome some certain obstacles. The basic rule to reach success is to keep going!

Let's Go
Released: 18.06.2020

Production Company: GUGA Entertainment Group
Words: Yevhen Prykhodko
Music: Yevhen Prykhodko
Sound Production: Zheka Bayanist Production
Record Label: Moon Records




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You cannot give up if you have a dream to chase!
Even if you don’t succeed, you must do your best to finally meet Your dream!

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