Singer ELELI presents her new song BELIEVE

She passed through many life tests, but did not betray her principles. Perseverance and willpower helped her reach the heights of success. Collaborating with modeling agencies around the world, participating in popular TV shows, she did not stop there and began a solo vocal career. Her songs are something special, they have their own mission. These are motivational tracks with which ELELI inspires people not to give up and boldly go towards their goal.

 ELELI is the stage name of Lilia Galushko, TV presenter, singer, actress, winner of international beauty contests, holder of the title "Miss model of the world". The project "ELELI" was created by the team of the company "GUGA Entertainment Group".

 "With this project, we tell the world that every person is unique. Having been involved in sports since childhood, our artist knows the price of victory and is ready to fight for it to the end. We want her personal success story to help everyone change their attitude towards themselves, provide strength and desire to win ".

It was this message that became the main one in the debut English-language album of the singer #Respect_yourself. While working on it, the GUGA Entertainment Group team adhered to a special strategy: each next track develops the motivational line of the previous ones. Now, after #Fight_until_the_end, #Success and #Winner, a new single #Believe is released, in which ELELI calls the people to trust themselves.

"Each of us believes in something different, everyone has their own priorities. It is faith that gives tremendous strength to achieve the goal. It is thanks to faith that we can become what we want. Faith in oneself allows a person to be open to new things, to constant improvement. You need to believe to your potential, and you will become the creator of many victories in life. The song "Believe" unites athletes, people who are simply desperate; those who want to inspire themselves and encourage action ".

ELELI here is singing in the Ukrainian language for the first time, by the way, the song is bilingual - part of the text is written in English.

"Believe's bilingualism is an interesting move that can attract a large audience," the singer says. The song went through a lot of transformations in the process. There were a lot of changes in the recording itself - both the main theme and the episode with rap music.

The sound producer and composer of the album Roman Pustyrev and the lyricist of Believe Oleksandra Pustyreva admit: "Working in tandem with ELELI always means looking for and striving for something new and unusual. Lilya really wanted a song in Ukrainian, life-affirming and inspiring people. After all, faith in people, faith in hope is what we all lack. Each ELELI composition is a small part of a big chronicle that will be combined into a whole album ".

A dynamic motivational video has already been filmed for "Believe", where the singer appears in four images. This is just the beginning - ELELI continues to work on album numbers, and very soon we will be able to hear her new compositions.

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Released: 26.11.2020

Production Company: GUGA Entertainment Group

Words: Alexandra Pustyreva

Music: Roman Pustyrev




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