Singer ELELI presents a video for the song "Believe"

The debut video was preceded by several years of hard preparation and the release of three motivational singles by the performer as part of her debut album #Respect Yourself. Dynamic, multifaceted work embodies the main message of the song - you need to believe in yourself.

 Despite the crazy flow of what is happening, obstacles and devastation, a person is able to overcome difficulties and achieve his goal. “Success is more than just luck. All that is needed for this is faith and patience” – this is how ELELI (Liliya Galushko) encourages people not to lose hope and fight for their dream. The video was filmed for 17 hours - from early morning to midnight - at an unusual location found in the Kyiv region. The singer and ballet dance on the roofs of huge containers and inside a long tunnel. “Containers are a symbol of the gray everyday life that people face every day,” says ELELI. “We are constantly climbing up somewhere, solving a bunch of problems.

Likewise, the tunnel is the path that you must go through in order to reach the goal.

During shootings, it was sometimes scary, because the containers are pretty high. I am not afraid of heights, but there was a certain risk - after all, we gave ourselves to the dance in full, trying to charge the future audience with emotions as much as possible. GUGA Entertainment Group has assembled a high-class creative team.

The atmosphere of freedom and creativity reigned on the site - this largely determined the nature of the clip. The director was the famous video maker Dasha Shy. “Both ELELI itself and the ballet passed all the tests on the set, which I am personally very proud of,” says the director. - I have a great responsibility, as this is Lily's debut video. We immediately agreed on the style of the video, we wanted it to be bold and real, because ELELI is just like that, cool and genuine. On the set, she gave all the best, and it's very cool! The main character of the clip appears in four daring images.

The variety of the image was not chosen by chance, because during the day a woman is always different - her mood changes. Similarly, ELELI in many roles - presenter, actress, fashion model - can be completely different, but retains her nature, and it is this essence that leads her to the cherished goal. Four images differ in dance style. Choreographer Daniil Demekhin was able to see the real ELELI and express her strong-willed character in a dynamic production.

Lilia Galushko in her life often finds herself in various situations full of adventures, therefore, anticipating the extreme nature of filming and fearing that the artist’s first steps in show business would not jinx her, her team fixed more than 200 pins on the artist’s head, which later became the highlight of the image. We believe that ELELI's debut video will be her starting point on the path to success, because it is no coincidence that the track "Believe" was chosen for filming. Work continues, ahead of us are waiting for the next singles. ELELI and the GUGA Entertainment Group team are preparing to continue to surprise, find interesting solutions and motivate the viewer to new achievements.

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Released: 02.12.2020

Production Company: GUGA Entertainment Group

Words: Alexandra Pustyreva

Music: Roman Pustyrev




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