Released: 19.01.2020

Production Company: GUGA Entertainment Group

Words: Alexandra Pustyreva

Music: Roman Pustyrev

Sound Production: Jarramusiс

Record Label: Moon Records


Listen on:

You wanna-wanna be successful...

I"ll be exactly what I want

I challenge to my obstacles.

It’s all depending on my choice. 

I’m gonna runing queek-queek-queek-queek.

I listen to my inner voice.

Someone's opinion? I’ve got my own-own.

Need to work against all odds.

Each minute leads me to success


Hey-hey success!

I gotta be fair. You gotta be fair.

Today you’re failed ? Tomorrow succeed!

No stops or commas to be weak-weak.

I laugh at failures and enemies!

No matter what. (What’s going on).

You’re gonna push me down? No!

You’re setting me up or destroy? Just try it!

I won’t fall. I'll move on.

To try my strength again-gain-gain.

Whatever happens in my life, success depends on me.

Each day a new success. Tomorrow’s gonna be the best.

Оrganization of tours

You cannot give up if you have a dream to chase!
Even if you don’t succeed, you must do your best to finally meet Your dream!

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